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 » Hi my name is Olivia and I got in Birmingham a little more than a week ago. At first I was kind of lost because it’s the very first time I’m living on my own in a foreign country. You know no one, you lose your habits and you’re in « loss of your bearings ». But you still keep in mind that you are here for a good reason : you have to succeed.

The first night, I met some people and they were super nice with me. They were friendly and offered me to go party. Now we always hang out together, we are a team.

Here, at UCB, there are people from every country. The main populations are portuguese, spanish and tcheck republic. What is good is that I can improve some of the languages I started in college such as spanish.

The main difficulty I guess is dealing with all the paperwork that normally my parents deal with. There are so many responsabilities like opening a bank account, get registered to the national insurance number, get registered to a GP and a bunch of other stuff. You also have to be careful about how you manage your money.

After a week , I can tell that I feel happy to be here in Birmingham,  proud to be able to take my responsabilities and be even more independent. »


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